How to insert link to external file with drafts for mac?

Links to Scrivener documents work perfectly, (Scrivener→ document → copy link → paste into draft) but I am unable to create links to external files like numbers files. I am not referring to opening draft content in numbers. I just want to open a numbers file in my mac. In terms of workflow, I tried all finder → file → copy path possible including Unix, HFS, Terminal and most importantly URL.
thank you

You would need the file’s URL, which could be placed in a draft and would work in link mode to open that file/folder. File URLs are in the format file:///path/to/file. So, file:///Users/ would open the “Users” folder in Finder.

I don’t know if there’s an easy way to get those in Finder…you might need to set something up with an automation tool to easily construct them from a selection. For many files it would just be a matter of putting the file:// before the path - but other paths might require proper URL encoding.

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Hello Greg,

I am going bananas trying to figure this out.

From the start, I did exactly as you describe. My problem is that the file URL links (screenshot of Pathfinder) are not functional. Below are attempts with docx, png and pdf files.

I tried many times, with many different drafts and files before disturbing you with this question.

The same file links work perfectly if I paste them and click on them in a Scrivener document.

The only non web site links that work perfectly in Drafts for Mac are links to Scrivener documents.

thank you

Well, it opens the URLs, right? Just show the file in Finder. I think that’s all you can do at the moment…unless you are working with apps that support their own URL schemes, like Scrivener.

no, nothing happens if I click on the file URLs. I click and my cursor stays on the link in drafts. Nothing happens. It does not even show the file in Finder. If it did, I would accept the limitation (just one Return away from opening the file - a minor incumbrance) and stop bothering you.

I had a look at this yesterday, but copying the URL to open in Finder was as far as I could get; I hadn’t thought this was far enough and couldn’t find (or guess) a workable URL scheme for Numbers.

For me, if I copy the URL from PathFinder, paste it into Drafts, switch Drafts to link mode and click on the link in the Draft, Finder opens and the file whose URL I entered is automatically selected within the Finder listing.

For reference, I’m currently running the public version of Drafts on Mac (not the beta today) on Mojave.

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Thank you for your reply.
I am doing exactly the same thing as you, but I don’t even get as far as the file in finder. When I click on the link in link mode nothing happens. I have spent the day trying in vain to figure out why. I am definitely in link mode: links turn blue and both scrivener document and Evernote note links work perfectly

Funny thing: I could not make the URL file link work and was looking for alternative ways to open the file.

I created a keyboard maestro macro to open the file (takes 2 seconds) and pasted the macro URL into drafts. Not only does it work to open a file, I can now turbo charge drafts Mac by inserting links to trigger any keyboard maestro macro which opens up a whole new world of functionalities.

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