Inline show another drafts

Hi, I have differents drafts (like chapters in a book) and I want show all chapters in a new drafts note. I was able to make links like references but I can’t display inline text. Can you help me? thank you

I saw a reference to “transclusion” and Drafts the other day. It seemed to have {{ }} syntax. I’ve not tried it though.

(The reference was to prediction of what you might want to transclude.)

Drafts supports cross-linking other Drafts with [[wiki-style]] syntax. It does not support just displaying that content directly in the editor.

There are some example actions for trancluding linked drafts, which may be what you are looking for, either to a preview, or to a new draft…

Another option, there are the embed actions in the ThoughtAsylum - Management action group.

The actions allow you to insert content from other drafts into a draft and then refresh the embedded content from the draft being inserted or from the draft inserted into.

It works across multiple existing drafts within the editor, so does not create new drafts or show only in preview. Instead it uses some text markers to identify the content embeds and enable refreshes.

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