How to sort existing drafts in inbox into separate work spaces?

I have been using drafts on iPhone and mac for several months with 86 separate notes on different subjects now accumulated in my inbox. I see how to create work spaces and assign new drafts to them. Should new drafts also appear in my inbox or only in the work space I have assigned? Also, How can I move an existing draft from the inbox to an assigned work space? When I do, can I then delete the existing draft from the inbox and just access it from its assigned work space?

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Answer and discussion of basically the same question in this thread, hopeful helps clarify:

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Ok, looks like I can organize all my existing notes by tagging each one into subject matter tags I create. Then, when all existing and future notes have been tagged, I can access all notes with a particular subject tag just by activating the desired filter. Correct?

That said, I guess I don’t understand the benefit of different work spaces, since work spaces don’t really organize notes, which is done with tags, not work spaces. I’ve read the section from the user guide, but obviously need to study it more.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll just proceed to tag all my existing notes and let that be my means of organization for now. Assuming that makes sense?and

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Workspaces apply filters and settings as a saved bundle. Filtering by tag is just one option and a workspace could be a quick way to apply it without having to type it in each time.

In addition, you can set things like draft list sort orders, what amountt of information is shown in that listing of drafts, what theme is applied to the app (useful as a visual aid when context switching), etc.

If a tag filter is like getting out a different set of papers to work on at your office, a workspace is like having a different office to work from for eq h set of papers.

Hope that helps.

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Example of use:

I might tag a draft with blog or blogging - being an inconsistent sort of fellow. A workspace will capture drafts tagged with either into one (simpler) query.

(The above is a real example - and one I actually used just now: To capture a blogging idea (and shoot a link to the draft blog post into an OmniFocus task). But I digress.)

Slightly fuller disclosure: I try to tag new blog post drafts with both tags - but I’m not that consistent.

Another example might be cf,coupling, facility, couplingfacility- which all mean the same thing. Note: Some are shorter than others - so more tempting to use.

Further I have a draft blog post about Coupling Facility - so it can go in both workspaces I’ve mentioned above.

Hoping these real examples help.