Moving drafts between workspaces

I am a new user to drafts. A lot of what Drafts does is “over my head” but I’ve gone thru quite a few tutorials and am definitely making progress. But … need some help with workspaces -
I am stuck on trying to set up separate workspaces and getting the drafts I want to show up on them.
I have drafts showing up randomly on different workspaces and am attempting to move them to specific workspaces but can’t seem to get it right.
I’ve found instructions that direct me to go to a menu and choose the “move to workspace” option but can’t figure out how to get there.
I have Drafts paid version 39.1. Any help would be appreciated.
Also, trying to understand how tags relate to workspaces if they do?

Workspaces are not containers. A draft is not “in” a workspace, exactly. They are sets of filters and options you can apply to get different views of your drafts. More detail in the user guide article.

Most commonly, they are used with tags. So, a simple example, you might set up a “Personal” workspace, with a tag filter of “personal”. When you select that workspace, only drafts with the tag “personal” assigned are visible in the list.

So making a draft appear in that workspace is simply a matter of assigning the draft the tag “personal”.

Does that help clarify?

Yes it helps but does that mean when I go to a workspace I’ve created I have to choose a tag from the filter list each time to see only drafts for that tag in that workspace?
Is there a way to permanently tag a workspace so you only see drafts with that tag (and not have to choose a tag every time you go there)?

I think maybe I answered my own question. Do I select “Manage the workspace” and then whatever tag names I want to see in that workspace put in the “Search Query” box?

Workspaces are filters that apply to all of your drafts. They can employ any combination of search query, tags, stats and dates. You configure new workspaces and modify existing workspaces via the “Manage the workspace” option you referenced. But, typically you would put your tags in the tag filter field and not the search query field. Tags are held as meta data on a draft rather than content within a draft.

Details about all this are available in the link @agiletortoise shared with you above.

If you prefer to be lead step-by-step through how it works, there are also a good number of videos available for Drafts. In a few places, there may be more user interface (and platform) options, but they should give you a good grounding. There is one on tags and workspaces I figure you would find useful:

Hope that helps.

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You more likely want to fill out the “Tag Filter”, not the search query. This can be just the tag name for one tag, or a more complex filter expression, like “red, blue, !green” for tagged red and blue, but not green.

Any of the “List Options” available can be stored and applied by a workspace. Related Docs…so, you can also have applying the workspace change display options for the list, and so forth.

Thanks everyone, I think I got it now.

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