Forward notes (drafts for a future day)

I have this thing and wanted to know if someone had already hacked something together to address it.

I often need to write notes for future meetings, mostly things I need to remember to ask. Since I keep all my drafts in Drafts this would seem the natural place. So I just title my notes with the date of the meeting and its name.

All I really need is to display drafts that in the title have Today’s date (ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD), and while I was hopeful it doesn’t seem like I can do that with a workspace.


Two things that came to my mind immediately:

  • create an acton that searches for those drafts containing the ISO date and present them in a prompt - then you can select from them to quickly open them in the editor - if this is something you want to consider and need help with the script, let me know!
  • if these are mostly notes for meetings it might even be easier to just copy the link to the note, and add it to your appointment in the calendar → when the meeting takes place you can directly jump to that note without looking for the note with an action.

a thrid thing which sounds a bit hacky and I’m not sure if this would work - technically you can modify the creation date of the note via Drafts Scripting API. I’m unsure if future dates are accepted here if that works, you could modify the creation date to the start of the meeting in the future and then use a workspace to filter with a date range - need to test that though…


Take a look at the details in this thread.

It includes details of actions and workspace configuration that could be tailored to your needs.

Just note that you do need to take care applying the approach in that thread.

That’s a good idea and would be easy, but is normally someone else scheduling the meetings and I cannot edit the notes. On the Mac I used Hook for a while to link the other way around (but I need this to work on the iPhone).

I’ll try to see if there is something I can readapt in the Drafts Directory to just run a search and display a list.

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I can understand wanting to keep it all in Drafts but in these cases I find it so much easier to just use Agenda, which I chiefly think of as my ‘scheduled notes/tickler file’ app. There are actions available to pass your draft into Agenda, or passing through Shortcuts might allow you to automate some date stuff etc. (haven’t checked that though)

Been there done that. Doesn’t work for me.

I’ve just written a script for my workflow. Maybe will it interest you ?

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