Forward looking workspaces?

sorry, possibly silly question, if I have a date on a draft I have added - say as 28 May 2021 - is it possible to set up a workspace which will show the draft relative to todays date, so for example, if I had 3 workspaces and one was called ‘this month’, one ‘next month’ and one ‘in two months’ , it would move to only show on ‘in two months in march, then ‘next month’ in April and end up in ‘this month’ in May?

What do you mean by “date on a draft”? In the text on the draft you have entered future dates? If so, you could, in theory, create regular expression search queries that look for date strings in your chosen format in particular ranges and search for those drafts.

Search queries cannot be dynamic relative to the the current date, however. To make this work with you would have to dynamically generate the query in a script. So, to load it as a workspace, you would need an action to run that generated the proper search query, created a temporary workspace using that query, and loaded it in the draft list.

Workspaces support date range filtering, but that is only on creation/modification dates, which are always in the past.

Thank you for this, makes a lot of sense.
Yes, say if I had a meeting in a month and know the date and time , I put that on the draft somewhere and add notes as they come to me to prepare.
I just wondered how best to get them
to appear when needed, I suppose!
Thanks again

Drafts on its own isn’t all that great at this, in my opinion. I mean, you could create an action like Greg suggests and run it every day, either by hand or using a daily shortcut or something, but that’s not really appearing when needed.

The way I’d probably handle this would be to create a task in a task manager or an event in a calendar for the meeting and link to the draft from there. With a bit of fiddling you could probably create an action to create that event or task from Drafts.


It might be worth a read of this thread too.

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