Filter by date, collect all notes from one day

Hello together.
I‘m new to drafts5 (pro subscription) and what I want to do is collecting notes, thoughts, todos and so on for every day. So at the end of the day I can filter my notes by e.g. today and I can than perform specific actions. Do you have any ideas how to do something like this?
Thanks in advance

The built in search options are content/tag based and described on the Managing Drafts page. No options there for filtering by date.


Based on the original premise of Drafts, the inbox is where you keep your drafts that require processing before being deleted or archived. You can use the sorting and display options to ensure your drafts are sorted in a chronological order of latest first. You then just start processing at the top and work your way through your list of drafts.

One thing to be aware of that can speed this up too is the option to batch process drafts.

If you have a different workflow for your inbox, consider using a tag to mark processed drafts. Then you could use the search options above (ensure you check out workspaces) to filter out that tag when you need to figure out what to process.

Scripting could also be an option to process against dates and granularity, but the draft.query() function doesn’t have any date options so you would have to query for all the Drafts you want to process and then individually check the dates on each and retain only the ones matching your date criteria. I’d try and use the inbuilt options over this as they offer more manual flexibility.

Hope that helps.

Hello Stephen,
thank you very very much! I will try it wirh the tag unprocessed and workspaces. I think this is exactly what i am lookink for!
Many greetings