Drafts Vision Pro?

Drafts was the second app I looked for (after 1Password) - but no go.

It’s not available as an iPad app…

Are there any plans to make Drafts available?

See: Drafts and Vision Pro

I got it, thanks. I will start testing.

Thanks so much for positing the question. I did the same thing and was sad to see that it was unavailable. I will test as well.

Ok. I am in, with a
VisionPro. What do I do to start ?

?? C’est même une excellente application sur iPad (le mien a près de sept ans mais supporte iOS 17.4).
Bonne découverte de Drafts :slight_smile:

Just to follow up here…haven’t had a lot of feedback, but also no reports of problems, so I’m making the App Store version of Drafts available for use on Vision Pro.

No issues, including VisionOS 1.1.1.

Sync works fine.