Drafts and Vision Pro

For those asking about Drafts and Vision Pro: I plan to make the iPad version of Drafts available on visionOS ā€“ but I am waiting until I have enough input from testers with actual hardware to feel comfortable that there are no significant functional issues with Drafts running in compatibility mode.

If you have a Vision Pro, please sign up for the Drafts TestFlight to get early access and report back (via private support/beta channels) on your experiences. I do not have Vision Pro hardware, so will be relying on users to get information!

As for long-term plans for a native version of the app, I do not have anything to announce at this time. Until visionOS has a larger installed base and it becomes clearer how the device will be used in practice, Iā€™m taking a wait-and-see approach. Suffice it to say that non-trivial apps are non-trivial to port to significantly different platforms.