Drafts to omnifocus with without confirming and with the same tag

Hello all,

I have been using drafts for lists and todos for years. I love the easy entry for things I have to do right away or put into omnifocus for later.

I have played with sending drafts to OmniFocus but have always found it too difficult to get what I really want and that is to click on a draft, hit a hotkey combination, and have it saved into OF without the confirmation. It would Ideally delete the draft and save it with a Now tag. This would be for daily clean-up of drafts where I can just send them over to OF. I might have different hotkeys for different tags (Just a few) But I don’t want to choose tags from a script as that is a choke point for me.

I am not a programmer, I can change things from other people’s scripts but get lost if it is much more than That.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Maybe like this?

This is a straight to inbox version of @RosemaryOrchard’s “Send to OF (Project)” action from this action group.

Yes, thank you, just like that, except with a tag. Would like to have the tag “imbedded” so it would act just like that but with a tag of “Now”. Something that I could change in the script so I could use 3-4 versions to process all my drafts that need to be in OF into it.

Omnifocus or Drafts tags?

If Drafts, you can set that in the Action settings - After Success, Assign Tags.

If Omnifocus, the action should be pasting in Taskpaper format ou just appending an @tags entry should suffice.

But I’ve just tried it and it isn’t getting interpreted as I had expected.

But it looks like it should work based on these:


It’s late for me and I’ve probably just overlooked something that someone else will spot in 2 minutes.

But for what it’s worth, here’s an action taking both aspects.

Thank you, it works but leaves the %20 on the end of the task, tried using spaces but it just breaks it. Not sure what to do.

This works, took the %20 out then a space. Not sure what the %20 does but it works the way I want it now.

cb.addParameter(“content”, draftsContent + " @tags(Now)");

Yes. If you note above, I did say it wasn’t quite working and I must have missed something.

%20 is a URL encoded space. It looks like I missed that it would have been URL encoding the input already and so it was then effectively double encoding the space.

I knew I must have overlooked something last night.

No worries works great now. Thanks so much.


Sorry, I didn’t follow this. Just 2 questions.

  1. Can the draft be in markdown or does it have to be in Taskpaper format?
  2. The whole draft gets exported to OF with NONE of the tags of the draft and the draft gets a tag of ‘now’, so what are we exactly trying to do?

I make notes in drafts all day long, some are for reference, some just ideas, some need to be done soon. Those that need to be done go into omnifocus. I send them to OF daily all at the same time. Was looking to make this easier with just a keystroke. So Sylumer modified an action to include a tag of Now. So I hit my hotkey combination for that action and it puts the task into OF with the tag of Now (if it is something I need to do in the first few hours of the next day). If not something I need to do Now, I have modified the action with other tags and assigned different hotkeys for them. So I sit down at my mac and move all of my tasks gathered that day into omnifocus with just a few key strokes.

It would be even better if I could select several drafts and have them all go into OF with the same tag. But I have no idea how to do that. Really not needed as this has sped things up considerably.

See select and operations:

One operation is run action which will then run the action against all selected drafts.

Didn’t work, just took the first one and duplicated it over and over. but I’m good, thanks.

Looks like the original action I modified had a mix of draft and editor class references. Draft refernces will iterate across the selection whereas editor references always refer to what is present in the editor.

I’ve tweaked v2 to v3 to deal with that.

I don’t like loose ends and where there’s more efficiency to be had for so little effort it would have been a shame to leave it as was.