Drafts to Messenger

I wonder if anyone can help with an action. I’m very new to Drafts and I’ve been able to figure out some simple actions but this is something I’d like to be able to do…

Press a button (action) within Drafts which sends the contents of a Drafts note to a specified Facebook Messenger contact, with a prefix of some details e.g. “Note created on 25 August 2022 at 9.30am:” then the start of a new paragraph.

At the moment I’m just using the share sheet action and manually selecting the contact but I’d love to streamline this a bit.

Might be worth reading Greg’s answer to this question.

Maybe it would be possible to go via a web service like Make or Zapier?

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check out Zapier and Make… I’ve managed to not need them so far!