Drafts Pasteboard?

Is there a way to have all data from the share sheet appended automatically to the same draft?
I mean without having to select which draft to append to every time.

Basically “Drafts quick capture”, but always to the same Draft. Some editors call this functionality “pasteboard”.

It’s so useful when doing research and needing to paste many sources into the same Draft.

An alternative, less convenient option, would be to combine several quick capture drafts into one.

Combining after the capture is easy with the merge feature (See batch operations.

As it stands, you do have to re-select a draft to do it as you going to do it with the share extension - or drag and drop to an extra window (on iPad/Mac).

There are other thing you could do, like with Shortcuts to always update the same draft as well.

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Thanks, the quick capture share extension, followed by a batch merge operation are good options.