Drafts op Apple Watch doesn't sync with Drafts on Mac anymore

I was using Drafts 5 on my Mac and iPhone plus on my Apple Watch. Loved it, syncing started immediately after installing and using the complication on my Watch.

But now I got a new iPhone and I can’t get the Watch app syncing anymore.

I have the latest versions of iOS, macOS and Watch OS, and the latest version of Drafts on Mac, iPhone and Watch.
I’m not using a Pro account.

What could I do?

You probably just need to reboot both devices and it will start working. The OS level watch connectivity can get a little wonky around switching watches.

Any chance you applied a recent OS update on the watch?

If so, take a look at the suggestions I this thread.

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Thanks, this is a helpful thread and I will try the workaround (flag). For now I see some progress; there is already delayed syncing from watch to iPhone !

Syncing seems to be allright now. Thanks for the help!

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Glad that solved it :sunglasses: