Drafts for Mac Early Beta Access



Okay, this is impressive. Congratulations! You can also import files from macOS (not trying this until we’re out of beta!) and there’s an interesting ‘copy link’ menu item when you right-click a draft in the sidebar.

Is this a neat way to make it possible to link directly to Drafts in macOS applications without having to ‘import’ them? This way, you can start to reference items in Drafts in both the Mac and iOS applications and not worry about user-induced version conflicts? There’s a lot to think about here.

Thanks for this. I’m glad the subscription model is making this possible.

(And I’m glad you’ve not gone down the route of replicating all the keyboard/menu features from iOS as well - I can see insanity and disaster ahead on that front)


You can copy the link and it will work in iOS and MacOS. No conflicts.


Where on the Mac are the Drafts files stored? Is there a way to access them without the application? Not that I‘d want to do this regularly, but it would be relieving to know the files are there if some day Drafts breaks or isn’t supported anymore.


You can only access them via the Drafts app.


Backups are in iCloud Drive/Drafts on my machine.


But can you access the backups without Drafts?


There are many ways to get data out of Drafts, it does not store drafts in files individually - those do not exist. The backups created by the app are in JSON format and stored in the Drafts folder in iCloud Drive. They can be re-imported into Drafts, or into other apps with the use of scripting/tools or other importers.

If you ever simply wanted to migrate out, you could run actions to save every draft to external files individually as well.


Thanks! For daily use, that’s what I‘ll do with texts that are meant for keeping anyway. I was just afraid to have my stuff locked in in a worst-case scenario. If it is possible to retrieve it from the backup, even though maybe with some workarounds, I‘m fine.


I’m getting a “dull ping” every time I want to use a keyboard shortcut/PopClip extension to format text with markdown syntax. Is this normal?
It’s a bit of a pain actually to have to write the syntax manually :frowning_face:


Problem: My sync was flawless until the last update or so. Now I only see about ten drafts total.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Could I have switched on a filter or workspace without realising it? I have also not yet updated to Mojave – could that be responsible?


Syncing was lagging for me as well yesterday. It resumed after switched on and off some filters.


+1 for High Sierra support. I’m unlikely to afford to upgrade my iMac for the foreseeable and even when I do I’ll likely add rather than replace, and keep the current machine for general admin. It’s still a solid and useable workhorse. That aside, I’m looking forward to using Drafts on the desktop.