Drafts for Mac Early Beta Access



An early preview of Drafts for Mac is now available.

This is not a complete product, but I wanted to get it in more people’s hands for testing. More complete information, FAQs, etc. are on the beta information page, so I won’t repeat them here, but I would encourage those interested in trying the preview to backup their Drafts data! (Better safe than sorry).

Go to the Mac Beta Information Page


Mahalo, Greg! Looking forward to filing some helpful feedback.


WOW, isn’t this just crazy: All my drafts just synced and showed up flawlessly on my Mac, without any configuration at alla, just “common use” of my MBP.





Amazing. Synced straight away and will now be used everyday.

Great work!


Really incredible. Working perfectly.
I think Drafts in Mac will replace some app that I am using right now to take notes in my iMAC… :slight_smile:


Me too on the “it just sync’ed, no fuss” thing.

And just updated my daily journal on Mac for the first time. Showed up on my iPhone faster than I could reach for the phone.


I run Drafts Pro on my iOS devices but can’t use iCloud in the office. Any way to test?


Will probably give this a go, to the kick the tyres as it were, but would be more comfortable if clarity was forthcoming on whether or not High Sierra will be supported. iMac can’t be upgraded to Mojave so hesitant to invest time on beta testing should rug get pulled on my Mac. I’m sure it will undoubtedly be great for those that can run it though.


Very impressed generally.

One thing I found is that, using an external keyboard (Apple bluetooth) the caps/lower case appear to be transposed – by the caps lock.


Very please with the automatic sync.

I have a Logitech bluetooth external which is not exhibiting the transposed cases.

Thank you for hard work!


Just tested. Works very well and syncs instantly. Nice touch is that links to drafts (UUIDs) that I’ve sent to Todoist as tasks, now open up the corresponding draft on macOS in same manner as on iOS. Lovely stuff.

Would be nice if there was a way that you could have spell-checking set to “on,” but it ignored “-[ ]” in its evaluation when in list mode. All of these are underlined at present.


Sorry. That should be “grammar checking,” and not “spell check,” invoking the underlining.


Are keyboard shortcuts built in yet, and if so, is there a way to find those that aren’t in the pulldown menus? Mostly hoping for a way to save a draft with the keyboard from a “quick entry” window.


Drafts > Preferences > General > Quick Capture shortcut


Where can I download a copy of the Drafts for Mac Beta?


Link is at the top of this page


Get a VPN. They are as cheap as dirt these days.


Hover over the Open and Save buttons in the quick entry window and the shortcuts are shown.


Ditto–none of my Macs can run Mojave, so it would be nice to know that it will be supported on High Sierra.


Got that far. But after typing the note, if there’s a shortcut to save it or have to use the mouse to click the save button for the time being.