Drafts for Mac Early Beta Access



Ah, right. I get you. Looks like mouse is required at the moment.


Sorry. Talking rubbish. Command + enter for save. A mouse over reveals this. Can’t see much difference between the “open” and “save” functions.


I downloaded and installed the app but when I try to run it I get an error saying the app is damaged or incomplete. I’m running Mojave on the Mac and have Drafts Pro on iOS.

Update: I tried again using another utility to open the zip file and I was able to install without any issues. Working well.


Not sure if I’m missing something about what you’re asking for, but after typing a note in the quick entry window, if you hover over the “Open” button it shows:

Save and open in Drafts: Option-Command-Return

And if you hover over the “Save” button it shows:

Save and exit: Command-Return

And typing those shortcuts is the same as clicking the button.


It’s the caps lock that transposes.


It is amazing! Downloaded, installed and everything just worked. What witchcraft is this?!


+1. I can use iCloud on my work laptop but iCloud Drive is disabled.


Is there a way yet to “Preview” or set a view for the Markdown? Like Preview on iOS?


In terms of the eventual support for actions, I would prefer prioritizing action editing over execution. Even if one cannot run actions locally, it would be faster to edit Javascript on the Mac than it is on the iPad.


I downloaded it. It is already central to my workflow!

Thank you Greg. Wow!


It is so lovely!!

Is there a way to change the font yet? If not, I am sure it is coming. Just thought I would ask.

This is so great.


At the bottom of the edit panel, there’s an icon for changing some edit settings, including the font.


I just installed the Beta and as others have noted it all immediately synced flawlessly with zero configuration.

This now completes the circle on making Drafts a major part of my workflow.

Great work!



So far so excellent, stunning work Greg + team!

My first impressions:
Upon launch my drafts from iOS, as well as all tags and Workspaces, showed up in seconds.
Sync works like a charm and is lightning-fast.


If you have “Marked 2” it’s kind of easy to get a preview.

  1. Darfts->Copy Content (content to clipboard)
    1.1 Right click on the note and different copy actions to choose from
  2. x-marked://paste (can be done from Safari)

ad 2 Can be implemented in different ways:

  • AppleScript
  • Keyboard Maestro
  • Alfred
  • PopClip
  • Shortcut key


So what happens at the end of the beta? Will premium users get access for free or already, as a result of being premium already. How is it going to work.


A single Pro subscription covers all devices. From the FAQ:

“Drafts for Mac is part of the Drafts family and will operate similar to the iOS version. It will be free to download and use basic features with more advanced features requiring a Drafts Pro subscription. A single pro subscription will cover use of those advanced features on any supported device - there will not be separate subscription required. So your subscription now is already supporting development and helping us get the Mac version out sooner.”



Agreed. I generally don’t use caps in my lists and whatnot and I am tired of seeing all of the underlined text. Fantastic otherwise, though! Thanks!


Just installed and had my drafts sync seamlessly.

So excited for this — thank you!


Who do I have bribe/ to do to get Webb or windows version of Drafts?