Drafts 5 to Google Docs


I am new to Drafts. I downloaded Drafts 4 2 days before Drafts 5. I currently have Drafts 5 and signed up for the 7 day trial. For days I’ve tried to come up with a way to actually use Drafts because i really like the concept. Yesterday I figured out the actions and it hit me. Id be able to use this for both business and personal.

I spent a few hours yesterday following premade and community actions to form to my own needs. This is all a learning experience for me since i am no coder. I just about got it all down but the Drafts to Google Docs. I use Google Docs, through google drive, alot with the business and would love to be able to start a draft and append specific docs. Is this possible with Google Docs?

Thanks in advance


I would suggest using Drafts to share to Workflow, and then running this Workflow - this will trigger an IFTTT action you need to setup (see the screeenshot below), and can then append the file to a Google Doc. The Workflow will ask you for the name of the document you want to save to.


Thank you for your response

I have to apologize, i’m just starting to learn about automation using Workflow, IFTTT and Drafts. When i start this workflow, it start a new Doc, with the same name, and does not append the Doc i want. Not sure if its a setting. But i do not have a diver folder path. If that needs to be filled out, i’m not entirely sure how to get the path address.


I can’t get a Drafts5 / Workflow / IFTT sequence to convert Drafts markdown into a format that reflects that in a Google Docs file. It converts the bullets but not the hashtags and eliminates some line returns. In Workflow I am using the “Convert to RTF from Markdown”, asuming Google Docs would recognize that. Am I wrong? (And … is there a simpler way?!)

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For the benefit of those less proficient in these other two amazing apps, Workflow and IFTT, but that require considerable time investment if you want to go beyond the obvious, here are the scripts:

1 Step - Run Workflow

Make Rich Text from Markdown
Set Variable
Variable “RTF text”

Ask for Input “Enter file name”
Set Variable “filename”

Trigger IFFT Applet
Trigger Name “RTF to Google Docs”
2 extra ingredients
Ingredient 1 “filename”
Ingredient 2 “RTF text”

Chose: “create Google Docs” action

Document name: “Extraingredient 1”
Content: “Extraingredient 2”


I suspect IFTTT only be passing the plain text content to Google Docs. I’ve never seen (though that does not mean it does not exist) anything to suggest IFTTT would handle rich text for this. You certainly only get presented with a plain text field when setting up the ‘THAT’ part of the recipe.


In the IFTTT Applet screenshot above, it says “some HTML ok.” You could try passing HTML to it instead of rich text, and see what happens.

To do that, just change your Drafts template to %%[[draft]]%% and eliminate the Workflow rich text step. Drafts can then send HTML to Workflow, and you can see how it looks in Google Docs.