Drafts 35 Released: SF Symbol Icons, Mastodon Integration +

Drafts 35.0 has been released:

Details below. For a complete history of updates, visit:


SF Symbol Icons

In addition to the many built-in icons available to assign to actions and workspaces, Drafts now supports assigning SF Symbols as icons. The symbol library is part of iOS and macOS, and adds thousands of new icon options - all of which are available to select (and searchable) when editing icons.

A couple of things worth noting about SF Symbol support:

  • Symbols require iOS 16 or macOS 13 (Ventura) or greater.
  • If some of the devices you use Drafts on are not updated to a compatible OS, and a symbol is selected on one of your actions or workspaces, the icon will fallback to displaying a default icon for that item.
  • If you share an action or workspace to the Directory that has a symbol assigned, the directory will display a placeholder icon, as symbol license do not allow their use outside Apple’s platforms. The symbol will still be properly display if a user installs your action in their Drafts installation.

More on configuration icons

Mastodon Integration

Mastodon is a popular, decentralized social network for posting status updates. This update adds support for posting to Mastodon accounts, as well as support for scripting access to the entire Mastodon API.

If you use Mastodon and would like get sample actions and learn more about how to configure Mastodon support, check out our Mastodon integration guide

New Date Formatting and Localization Options

Drafts templates have long supported formatting date values with strftime style formatting. This update adds the option to use format strings compatible with Apple’s DateFormatter class, which offers better, more flexible localization options. If you work in non-English languages, or create and share actions which might be used internationally. A few examples:

See template docs for details

Other Additions, Changes, and Updates

  • Fix: FlickType keyboard integration working again in Watch app.
  • Fix (Mac): Tint colors of icons not reflecting changes to dark/light mode properly.
  • New: Editor script object now has draft property to get/set active draft in the editor.
  • Fix: A few visual issues in widget configuration.
  • New: Prompt.addButton can now take an additional boolean parameter to mark the button as destructive.
  • Fix: “Open Draft” shortcut action not properly supporing options to hide/show lists.

Thank you for the SF Symbol integration; this is exceptionally helpful!

Too bad my MBP can’t be updated to Ventura. Is Monterey support for SF Symbols technically not possible?

Monterrey does not have SF Symbols. They are an OS-level feature that just doesn’t exist on older systems.

Is there now support for 3rd party sync or zero-knowledge proof?

All the details of the release are stated at the top of the post.

The sync architecture is based on standard iCloud technology and Drafts’ underlying database. Third party sync options don’t sound viable without redesigning the entire platform. Apple would need to adapt their foundation technology to apply zero knowledge proof.

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Thanks for this latest update. Great job as always.

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