Drafts 19.2 (macOS) Released

Drafts 19.2 (macOS) has been released in the Mac App Store, details below.

(See also 19.2 iOS Release Notes)

  • New: Capture window “Open” button (⌥-⌘-⏎). Performs save and closes capture window, opening Drafts to the newly created draft.
  • New: Editor settings have new tab key options, allowing you to select whether the tab key inserts a tab, two spaces or four spaces.
  • New: Workspaces can be shared via directory.
  • Fix: Syntaxes (like TaskPaper) which apply strikethough styles, the style might not get cleared if edits (like removing @done from a task) no longer required it.
  • Fix: Problems reordering actions in the action list in groups with hidden actions.
  • Fix: Worked around a layout issue in the new Quick Search feature causing the app to beachball on certain result sets.
  • Fix: Issue with editor not reflecting changes to a draft made in a scripted action if the draft was loaded in the script via Draft.find instead of referenced as the global draft variable.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog


What’s this feature? Tried keyboard combo yet can’t figure out?

See below…the “Open” button is new. Does the same as the “Save” button, but opens the app to the new draft, in case you want to immediately act on it.

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Makes sense now, thanks

Just curious, but the circle with a cross on it, bottom-right. Is this supposed to be clickable/actionable? I can’t make it do anything and am always a little quizzical as to why it’s there. The tool tip just says “Clear selected draft.”

If you expand the capture window, you can select a draft as a target to append/prepend the text. That (x) button unselects that draft and returns to “new draft” mode.

Ah, OK. Thanks. Never use that on the Mac.