Drafts 18.1 (iOS) Released - New icons!

Drafts 18.1 (iOS) has been released in the App Store, details below.

See also: Drafts 18.1 for macOS Released

What’s New

  • New alternate app icon choices. Tap the app icon in Aa editor settings screen for new neon, six colors and other app icon options.
  • Several dozen new action/workspace icon options. Edit actions and tap the icon to see the options.

Other Changes

  • Change: The /workspace URL action can now accept the name=Default argument to clear filters and load the default workspace.
  • Change: Adjusted the gray app icons to work to blend into the dock on iOS 13, one for dark mode, one for light mode.
  • Fix: Task marks in TaskPaper syntax should only be recognized at beginning of lines.
  • Fix: Remember setting if the action bar has been set to be hidden temporarily.
  • Fix: Initial positioning of action bar group selector could be wrong on app cold launch.
  • Fix: Fix for header styling regression in “Markdown” syntax.
  • Change: Refactor and simplify a bunch of code around keyboard visibility.
  • Fix: Top-Bottom navigation options in navigation contextual menu would not always work.
  • Fix: Case where keyboard could be displayed erroneously when returning to app with a view other than the editor open.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog