Drafts 17.2 (iOS) Released

Drafts 17.2 (iOS) has been released in the App Store, details below.

See also: Drafts 17.2 (macOS) Updates

  • New: Workspace sharing. Workspaces can now be shared via URL or export file which can be installed in other instances of Drafts. This can be used to backup workspaces, or to share configured workspaces with other Drafts users. More about Workspaces
  • New: Reminder script object has new dueDateIncludesTime boolean property. If true, the time components of the dueDate will be ignored allow Reminders to be set to be due on a date without assigning a time. Reminder object docs
  • Fix: Clipping issue printing from HTML previews if images are included.
  • Change: Enable focus mode on additional iPad draft windows opened by drag and drop. User intent is to keep that draft active if opening in another window and focus mode prevents the “new draft after” timeout from overriding that intent.
  • Change: Remember tag drawer expanded state across cold starts of the app.
  • Change: Updates to default action groups created on first installation. Note that current versions of the default actions groups can be reinstalled from the directory at any time (details).
  • Change: Updates to document type icons for exported files.
  • Fix: Enabling and disabling link mode could leave the action bar disabled.
  • Change: Better logging in Dropbox actions. Action log will now contain an entry with the path to any successfully created/updated files in Dropbox.
  • Change: OneNote actions will now prompt for the selection of a notebook if a notebook name is not specified and the default notebook cannot be determined. Many OneNote accounts do not seem to have a default notebook, so this allows the action to continue to function without modification for such accounts. Note OneNote action steps can be edited to specify a notebook to avoid prompts.
  • Misc. improvements and minor fixes for several sync and useability issues.

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog