Drafts 12.1 (macOS) Released

Drafts 12.1 (macOS) is now available in the Mac App Store, details below. This is mostly a quick release to polish out a details around the new windows features in r12.

  • New: Add “Window > Float Selected Draft” menu item to open new draft window.
  • New: Add “Window > Float Selected Draft On Top” menu item to open new draft window floating over other applications.
  • Fix: Drafts in floating windows should support all Editor menu commands.
  • New: Button in title bar to toggle “on top” floating status of draft windows.
  • New: Add “Editor > Navigate” menu item to trigger navigation.
  • Change: Remove “Navigate” top level main menu item.
  • New: Add periodic check for subscription status changes
  • Fix: If same draft was loaded in main editor as other open windows, and the app became inactive directly after making edits, the edits could revert.
  • Fix: Workspace editor would mis-select sort order for “all” folder when changing flagged sort.
  • New: Update to MultiMarkdown 6.4.0 (was on 6.3.2).

For a complete history of updates, visit the changelog


Given that I already have Drafts on my mac from the early release…

  1. Do I need to get it from the App Store? Will I need to pay again etc?
  2. Am I missing out on some functionality by not having it from the App Store?
  3. Should I continue using it as it is and continue as usual?

Thanks for taking the time.

Mac App Store still showing version 12.0 as of the time of my posting, FYI.

Great to see window floating. One ask: when I try to minimize or close the main window (and just keep the floating window on screen) every time I type in it or bring it to focus it reopens the main Drafts window. Is there any way to fix?

I know that it can be changed, but….I would imagine that a fair few Drafts for Mac users would use 1Password and likely find ⌘\ (for Draft’s Editor\Navigate command) clashing with 1Password’s ‘Fill Login’ command.

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Seems to show the new version, but 12.0.6 downloads, not 12.1 as advertised. Probably an App Store problem. Is there a way to get this direct from site?

I think the same. And because of this, I don’t use the feature of Drafts. Can this be changed for Drafts (not for 1P)?


You can create your own (and change default) keyboard shortcuts for all applications on the Mac.
I would suggest that doing it too often is likely to cause confusion, but a few here and there can be really helpful.

More info here:

I just showed up in the AppStore for me. I’m on EST if that helps.

12.1.3 is now posted. I had to delete 12.0.6 to download the “update”


I just got it to show in the MAS. It says the update was from “yesterday,” but I still couldn’t get it this morning. Weird. Anyway, thanks for the update!

Stupid question, but how do you tell what version of an iOS app you have installed,
now that they are not kept on the mac?


In Drafts’ case, the version number is always displayed at the bottom of the settings screen.