Draft for Windows/Webb

I love Draft, I use it daily to record and automate my list making. I have a single problem, I only sit with Windows computers at work and it’s so pesky to access my notes. I need to get my ipad and email me the note I’m looking for and continue on my computer. This is tiring.

With this thread, I want to lobby for a web version or a windows app. I would only be able to access and have the ability to edit my notes on the web. I do not need to automate, I only need access to them.

If anyone else are in the same situation write below and if we are lucky we might get what we want.

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See this existing thread on the same topic.

However, I’m still not sure if there is a way to access the iCloud hosted file storage structures that Drafts is using, via non-Apple devices. Every third party cross platform (incl. Web) solution I’ve seen so far uses something other than iCloud as the back end data storage.

I don’t speak for Greg, but I am roughly 99.9999999999% certain that there will be no Windows version of Drafts forthcoming, and I would be shocked if there was a web app coming.

I feel your pain; don’t get me wrong. Being on Windows is like being on an island with no access to info I need. But if you need access to your notes on Windows, it’s probably better to use a cross-platform app even though it won’t be as good as Drafts on the iOS / macOS side.

Sadly I think your right. I would be really happy with a web app. That would solve most of my problems, I don’t need the automation stuff just access to my notes. :grinning:

Yes, a windows version would be amazing!

Are you using web capture yet? This is an initial step towards one of the previous options discussed.

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This is the most awesome feature I have seen! Gets things into Drafts, but does not expose my overall Drafts library on my work computer. Thanks for pointing this out to me!