Drafts Desktop App / Web App


We all know how that Drafts is God’s gift to iOS users.

A glaring hole in the canon of the Drafts religion of extensibility is the lack of unified access to drafts via a desktop app / web app.

For example, most major note-taking and productivity apps, like Evernote and OneNote, are cross-platform. As a matter of course, a user can access his or her notes on any device or via web platform.

I happen to be a Windows devotee, dare I say. I am not naive enough to ever hope for a Windows version of Drafts, so I pose this question on behalf of of Mac users.

Are there plans to develop a Drafts desktop app or web app?

I am sure this has been posed before, and likely considered.

What is the current answer to this question?

Mac version planned?

Point 5 under About Drafts 5 states:

We hope to bring Drafts to the Mac. A lot of work has been done in the Drafts 5 development cycle to prepare the app to move to the Mac, but we do not have anything to announce at this time.

I’m excited about it, too - but I’ll have to be patient.

Still, it’s been acknowledged and has a better chance of happening than ever before :grinning:


Thanks for the reply!!

Such a prompt response from a truly vibrant community that loves this app!

Ahh, democracy!


This would really be worth a couple more dollars per month on the sub version in my opinion!


I totally agree. An extra couple of dollars would get my vote.

A lot of us are iOS devotees, but have to use Windows at work. Even if it was just a question of accessing and simple editing of my Drafts it would be a big help.


Note that the above is a reference to a Mac version. Not a Windows version or even a web version. If you use Windows at work (like me), your iOS devices will almost certainly continue to be the way to access your drafts for the short term.


I appreciate that was referring to a Mac version. However unlikely it is to happen, I was mainly mentioning simple editing in reference to a web version.


I’d love macOS version! To be honest, that’d be a total life-changer. Please, keep going!


Hi all - I discovered drafts via Do By Friday - looks incredibly useful and I will be playing with it for the next month to see if it has a role in my work. I’m another windows user and would love an integration into OneNote at minimum or (date I ask) a windows version of the app. Even web UI would at least allow me to pull it into more of my life.

Great app and nice to find this productivity community!


yes please! I too want a Mac app!