Does keyboard shortcuts cheatsheet exists?

I want deep use drafts, so i need familiar with keyboard shortcuts

Perhaps something like CheatSheet could be handy to you, and it’s not specifically for Drafts.

There are lots of apps that will do “Show Me The Keyboard Shortcuts For This App” but the best one is KeyCue.

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Several useful tools for Mac have been suggested, but just to be sure all are aware of the built-in iOS feature to hold down the command key to get a cheatsheet of all keyboard shortcuts currently available in any app.

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How the “built-in iOS feature to hold down the command key”

do you mean iPadOS with external keyboard?

I think we should simply create one.
Most importantly because the user defined action short cuts are not the same for everyone

The idea would be to create a draft with multi markdown and allow the user to print it.

Most importantly - give a option to add and remove short cuts to fit it to everybody’s needs.

Maybe we could even share them via action on the action directory.

Here’s an idea: If actions were iterable and had a getShortcutKey() method someone could write an action to pick up all the actions’ shortcut keys and report on them.

I need to have a chat with @agiletortoise about beefing up the action javascript model some time.

I think that would be possible now. Just a little fiddly.

You can find all actions. You can then get the share URL for an action via scripting (just not an action group right now).

If you decode the install URL, you can pull the keyboard shortcut out. I do something along these lines in generating this documentation from manually copiedaction group installation URL(s).

If people felt this would be useful I’m sure that I could whip something up, but it wouldn’t pick up non-action keyboard shortcuts.


That gets us 99% of the way there - so it’s very good.

Wouldn’t the non-Action shortcut key combos be pretty standard? So hard codeable?

And, how are you getting the shortcut key from the URL?

I think it would fetch them from the keyboard shortcut that is defined in the action directory

@sylumer am I right?

I don’t know. On the Mac I do define my own through the standard OS feature that lets you do so.

I guess your mileage may vary.

By decoding it and parsing the JSON. As I say, that’s exactly how I generate the documentation I linked to above, which includes the shortcut key.

The TADpoLe library has a function for extracting the shortcut keys once you have the JSON for an action: TA_actionKeys().

The installation URL is not the same as the action directory installation URL. Because the action’s keyboard shortcut is associated with the action, it also is part of the installation URL, and the information held by the action directory. So is it the same? Absolutely. Is that where I’m getting it from? No.

I’ve created a quick action that as requested will just dump out the names of the actions with keyboard shortcuts and their shortcut to a new draft when run.

Please make that sure you have installed and set-up the ThoughtAsylum Action Group before trying to run it.

Hope that helps.

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I’m going to roll in as the Luddite in the room.:relieved: I actually made my own keyboard shortcut cheat sheets a good while back.

I took screen grabs of the HUDs that appear when long-pressing ⌘ and then sent them to Text Grabber to extract the text. Unfortunately, Text Grabber didn’t recognise the keyboard shortcuts assigned, just the Action names, so I had to manually add in those bits. I also tried the “Edit Group,” route for screen grabbing and that also didn’t pick up the keys assigned.

I then made a Markdown draft with all the keyboard shortcuts filled in and assigned a keyboard shortcut to load that draft when I need to refer to it. I also printed it off as an aide-mémoire on A4, and a condensed version on PostIt notes. I’m not really a fan of scrolling through the HUD.

I’ll roll out again now and leave you scripting geniuses to it. :+1: