Do you use a custom font with Drafts?

Off the back of this thread about a non-Drafts issue with a custom font, I wondered if it might be interesting for Drafts users to perhaps share the names (and links to?) any custom fonts they choose to use with Drafts, and maybe a few words about why that particular font appeals to you and which Drafts syntax(es) you apply it to.

I’m sure there are lots of great choices out there, both free and paid, that offer some great typographical features that suit people’s particular needs and aesthetics and the chances are if they appeal to you, they’ll probably appeal to several others who might appreciate the recommendation.

Let the recommendations begin…

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Here are the fonts I have used over time with Drafts:

I enjoy writing in monospaced fonts, as you can tell. And I use them in all syntaxes.

Looking forward to what others are using!


I currently Fontcase to install fonts on iOS. And use:

  • JetBrains Mono: For most Drafts editing. It’s the primary font for most of my syntaxes.
  • IBM Plex Mono: For the monospaced font. Yes, JetBrains is mono, but I like plex better for code. The ligatures in JetBrains are distracting for code, IMHO.
  • Avenir Next (built-in): Still a good font. Currently using it for “Plain Text” syntax notes.

Merriweather. Single best typeface for reading on a screen. Readable, pleasant, elegant.

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Tisa OT - because it was the font in the first Drafts app and it still “feels” like Drafts to me.

In most editors I use M+ 2C and M+ MN from the M+ family.

But maybe this is a good excuse to overcome my fear of (font) change.

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I use this exceptionally beautiful monospace:

ISO - Available from Future Fonts. It’s still a work in progress, but since it now has bold and italic, it’s got everything markdown could want.

BTW, Future Fonts is a great place to find interesting new typefaces and support their development. I got ISO a while back for a fraction of its current price.

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I’m just using Helvetica or the system default for my regular font, but I had to change the monospaced font (for code snippets) to Inconsolata. Will be interested to try others’ suggestions for a spin, though for my regular font.

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I’m using Operator Mono from Hoefler & Co. It’s a wonderful monospace font. (I also use it in Sublime Text, Byword, TextEdit, etc.—basically any monospace situation :sweat_smile:)


I use the fonts from the iA Writer folks. They are available here.

The iA Writer Mono font is great to read and write in.


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Century Schoolbook for most of my writing. Futura for headlines.

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Just note that the Quattro font is the one referenced in the thread at the start of this topic that has a bug.

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Thanks for the heads up. I use the Mono version.


This one ?

That’s the one. I use it on my site as well

I have been moved by Hack because it’s monospaced, open source, and focuses on legibility in the digital arena with clear letterforms whether viewed right side up or upside down.


I’ve never bothered. Is there anything wrong with the built in fonts?

Fonts are mostly a matter of personal taste, I think. So if you’re happy with the built-ins, there’s nothing wrong with them. If you’re happier with other fonts, there’s still nothing wrong with the built-in ones :wink:
For example, I like Futura rather then Helvetica and Century Schoolbook or Garamond more then Times (Roman). Probably because Times and Helvetica are so ubiquitous that I’m tied of them.


Alternatively, Victor Mono has an italic that is somewhat similar to Operator Mono.

Hack was one already mentioned so I’ll throw out a few others I really like. Quick side note — It’s pretty awesome that Input allows for customization (including spacing, alternate characters, etc.) prior to download.

Free for Personal
Input Mono

Free on MyFonts - Regular Weight
Calling Code

Google Fonts
DM Sans
DM Mono

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I’m a bit surprised by the number of people using monospaced fonts as their default in Drafts; I never would’ve guessed!