Customizable Themes: Ease Eyestrain, Create Visual Semantic Hierarchy

My light-sensitive brain favors dark grounds and colored text: The current black ground and white text is too glaring for me (migraine city); and on the white on gray ground text doesn’t “pop” the way I need (eye strain city).
Ideally, there’d be;

  • A slider to adjust ground darkness: For example, adjusting to between the gray and inky black grounds
  • A color pallet for body text, adjustable independently of ground color: The color pallets for individual operations within workspaces is perfect.
  • A color pallet for creating visual semantic hierarchy: Different colors for headers, bullets etc. can greatly improve cognitive organization and text wayfaring. There’s a great WWDC 2019 discussion about this—if requested. I can find it for you.
    Drinks on me for anyone who might have ideas for executing the above.

After the Mac actions are implemented, I believe custom themes are on the road map. They have come up a few time in a few places (e.g. Theme modification request). Hopefully whatever Greg has planned would incorporate the sorts of tailoring you are requesting.

Excellent. I didn’t see that post: Thanks for the link!