Theme modification request

I love the black themes in here and the blue text from the white theme. Any chance you could add a black version with the same blue text?


Some day it might be nice to be able to build custom themes. Extending the text options to include colours for various sets of items and then being able to sync themes across devices, link them to workspaces and/or syntax types (as well as light/dark) and perhaps even share them.

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Custom theming will come. Can’t promise when, but it is definitely planned.


Awesome! Thanks for the prompt response and for making such an amazing application.

And this is why you get my money! Thank you.

Perfect. Will happily pay for solarized.

Solarized and Solarized dark are already available theme options.

Bumping this since it’s been a while. I’d really love to be able to edit themes. It’s one of the things keeping me in Ulysses for anything more than snippets and text manipulation. Having different colors for different headers and markdown elements makes it a lot easier for me to navigate documents and distinguish text from markup

Theme customization is on the roadmap and the next major priority after actions are completed for the Mac version. Hopefully early 2020.


So, customisation in UI theming is a huge win for me, there is so much that this does in making Drafts more meaningful and in-turn what I enter into it meaningful too. Any updates?

This recent thread, read the end of the first post.