Creating a New Draft from Outside the App

What are some ways people create a new Draft while outside the app on Mac?

I can think of a few (e.g. Spotlight > Drafts > ⌘N), but I’d like to consider other options.

There might be others, but here’s a quick list of ten to get you on your way…

1. Via Global Hotkey

2. Via non-Mac Apps

3. Via Web Capture

4. Via Alfred

5. Via Raycast

6. Via Shortcuts

7. Via URL Scheme

8. Via AppleScript

9. Via Automated File Import

10. Via Automated Reminders Import

FYI, Ask Siri

While direct creation via Siri on Mac is not possible, do remember that #6 and #10 can be triggered/created by Siri.


Just what I wanted! Thanks so much!

I’d config a keyboard shortcut to launch Drafts via Alfred Powerpack, but I’ve run out of “D” key combos, and using another letter would break my brain!

Also, I hadn’t heard of Raycast before, and it seems interesting. I just need to determine if it’s really better than my standard flow of launching files/folders/apps/applescripts via key shortcuts via Alfred Powerpack.

A keyboard shortcut is just scratching the surface. You should take a closer look at what’s possible.

I’m sticking with Alfred at the moment, but it might be useful to MPU episode 644 where they discuss Raycast and making a choice on using Raycast or not.

FWIW, Alfred v5 has come out very recently (since that episode released) and has some cool new additions and if you read their forums there are a few things in the works too.

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That’s what I’m trying to do here! :slight_smile: Anything to add to suggestions above?

I’ll check out the MPU episode for sure, though it can be frustrating to hear apps discussed via audio. I see Screencastsonline also has a tutorial on Raycast (speaking of Raycast, the problem with the new crop of apps is you can’t tell what they do by their names, so I have an Apps folder full of cryptic mysteries).

Dang. I would have forgotten to list as least a couple of those options. Very thorough.