Ask Siri to start dictating a new note in Drafts (Mac Big Sur and iOS)

Not sure why I can’t find how to get this to work, but I often want to jot down a quick idea in Drafts when my hands aren’t free… I tried to invoke this with Siri, but Siri replies that “Drafts hasn’t added support for that with Siri.”… I can get Siri to open Drafts which puts me on a blank page, but I don’t know how to get it to start/stop dictation. I’m sure there’s a way, but the one help article I found talks about an older OS version which has a control in system prefs. that doesn’t seem to exist.

I want to do the same w/ iOS (preferably w/o entering password, but either way). I haven’t researched this fully, but since I’m here, is this possible: open drafts, then start dictating, hands free?

You should be able to just use Siri with “take a note using Drafts,” command. It will ask you what the want the note to say. If you dictate it, then it will rread it back when confirming its creation. Requires no unlocking to work.

Note this is different from Drafts’ own in-built dictation command, which, I think, would require unlocking first.

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thx for the reply… but siri responds with, "“Drafts hasn’t added support for that with Siri.”

That’s for iOS/iPadOS, not the Mac, as far as I know.

Siri integration for creating notes is not available on Mac. Drafts is an AppKit app on Mac and Apple has never implemented the ability to supply those features in an AppKit app.

Thanks for getting back…

I tried this and it worked, but it’s a little convoluted… Hey Siri, Open Drafts. Hey Siri, Turn on voice control. (Dictate Note) Hey Siri, Turn off voice control.

Can you think of a more efficient workaround?