Created date in file name issue (Solved!)

Please tell me if I’ve got this set up wrong or if this seems like a bug.

I created an action that saves a Draft to a markdown file. I name the file with the created date:


This worked once. Now, when I create other new notes (at different times), the Action is erroring out telling me the file already exists. The “created” part of the file name isn’t changing.

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I’m guessing all your testing took place within the hour. It looks like you have used the month twice and not used minutes when I think you meant to.

Try changing your format string to this:


Then your minutes should start changing and you should start getting more uniqueness - as long as you don’t trigger twice within the same minute of course.


Thank you! I knew it was something silly and obvious.

Crazy coincidence that I happened to first run it at 20:03 when the month was 03 :upside_down_face: