Copy action not working

Hej guys, my copy action stopped working. I already tried to create a new one, but same issue: copy is not triggered. Any suggestions how to fix this?

You can use the URL scheme - but you need to get the shortlink of the Trello board first.


You can find the shortlink by copying the URL of the Trello Board:, in this case the shortlink would be UqGyCU2a

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Thanks! I will try.

I also created an action with email. Let me share how I’ve done it:

Get the Trello board email address, use it in email action and set the action to “Send in background”. Only downside: the draft title is set as title of card and appears in the card note too – but I can live with that.

Ups, this is the wrong thread :wink: I guess our comments should be here :smiley: Sent draft as card to Trello

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