Combine Keyboard-Basic + Keyboard-Markdown

There are actions from the basic and markdown keyboards that I’d like to combine.

Some of them are scripts that I can copy and then paste.

Is there an option to duplicate an action and move it to a new keyboard group?

In the Action Groups sidebar, select the group (including a keyboard group) then long press (press and hold) on the item that you want to duplicate. You will be presented with a menu:

From there you can:

Duplicate the action and then move the new copy to where you want it;

Copy to… the new group, which creates a duplicate in the newly selected group;

Move to… move your newly duplicated action from option 1, above, to a new group; or

Make alias in… which creates an alias to the current action in the new group.

The alias action means that, if you change the master action, the aliased actions will automatically run the new version rather than each copy of the action needing to be updated.

Hope this helps.


See also the bottom part of this reply that has a few more images that may help.

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This was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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