Changes to Add to List action

Hey Everyone!

I’m travel a lot for work and one thing I’m doing right now is creating an Apple Note for every city I’m in with “subcategories” (okay they’re bolded words) for Resturants, Bars, Brunch places, whatever cool thing I might find. I would love to be able to automate this in Drafts and just type in a place and have an action ask what note to put it in/create a new city, and then ask what subcategory to place under that heading.

Is something like this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Do you want to keep this in Drafts or push the resulting note to Apple Notes?

Apple Notes doesn’t play so nicely in regards to automation…

Keep it all in Drafts, I saw that note and it’s didappointing but maybe one day! Drafts sits in my dock anyway so it makes sense to keep it there, I would prefer to have the note sit in the Archieves though so that it doesn’t appear on my inbox badges.

I feel like it should be possible, I just don’t know if it’s able to splice and insert based on the subcategories. Right now I’m thinking of having “## Title” and then just “# subcategory” for the arguments to search on.

Using JavaScript, you can definitely parse, plunder and rebuild any Draft in the archive to suit your needs.

Find the Draft you need to update. Get it’s content. If the heading you want isn’t there add it and the new details. If it is there then just insert it into that section. Appending a new line followed by the new detail to the sub heading is probably the easiest way.