Can you change the colour of of the marking you get on a search hit? Solved by a workaround

In MacOS with a Pro subscription.

When I search for text in the active Draft I get a list of hits below. As I select from the list of hits, the text is getting marked. Is there a way I can change the colour of of the marking?

This marking works great on one of my macs, but is very faint on another

When navigating to find results, you are updating the text selection in the editor, so the color used is based on the theme you currently have selected. You can change it by using a different theme.

You might find one to your liking in the directory. Or you can modify and existing one by opening it from the directory in the Theme Builder. The element you would need to change is the textSelection color, under interface colors.

I use a theme I have modified myself some years ago. When I change textSelection to "textSelection":"#ff62f5" the color does not change as you select the hits
Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 22.29.21

It only changes when you use the mouse to select part of the text manually.

Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 22.29.44

In the first screenshot, the editor is not the active window, the find window is…Mac dims text selections and other tinted items in inactive windows. If you re-focus the main editing window, it should show the purple tint.

So I now realise my question should have been:
Is there anything I can do to change the dimmed tint in inactive windows?

Or is there a keyboard command to move down the list in find window while it is behind the editing window? The traditional cmd-G does not seem to work?

cmd-click down the list while the find window is behind is the only solution I can think of.

Me not seeing the marking when searching was solved by activating “Highlight insertion point” in “Editor Settings”.