Calling Clipboard Markdown to Notes not running

I am new and am trying to create an Action in Drafts that copies my draft and puts in in my “In box” folder in Notes app. I have two steps 1) Clipboard 2) Run Shortcut.
When I run it, it stops after opening the Shortcut app. I can run the shortcut there, but then it doesn’t continue to archive and tag the note in Drafts. Please help.

Integration with Notes is pretty limited (on Apple’s end, not ours). Have you seen the Notes integration guide? it would be a good place to understand what can be done to integrate with Notes.

I do not believe Notes has support for creating a note in a specific folder. The Notes app share sheet extension allows you to append to existing notes and create new ones, but not to specify a folder. I believe the same is true for their Shortcuts actions.