Backlink behaviors

Hey guys!

I am an absolute newbie to Drafts with no experience in coding. So I hope to ask something about backlinks here and decide whether to keep subscribing to Drafts.

Other functions are extremely useful to me and I love the app. But the fly in the ointment is the backlink system. I expect a bit more on the Wiki-style link. Currently, it only allows to create link with a new page, which means when I am creating this link in one draft, a new draft has to be created, my current draft will then show [[new draft title]], and the new draft will show < [[original draft]]. Then you can go back and forth in both drafts.

Is there any way to link two existing drafts? I need something like showing an [[existing draft title]] on my current draft and at the same time < [[original draft]] on my linked existing draft, so that I can go back and forth.

I would be very grateful if someone can help me with this function that I desperately need. Cheers!!

It sounds like you are describing adding a link to a draft and a back link to that linked draft.

I created several linking actions in the ThoughtAsylum - Management action group.

The actions that include “+BL” add back links to the destination draft. There are several ways to link and so several of these actions.

Another action in that section of the action group is TAD-Load a Linked Draft. This generates a list of back links on the fly based on the links it finds to the current draft. Again, this looks at a variety of ways such a link could be specified and tries to account for all of them.

Hopefully, this is the sort of thing that you are looking for.


Thanks mate!! it works perfectly!!

Hi Jack,
hope you find that helpful.

Feel free to ask for any support.
Not to use the Pro option would limit your Drafts usage and development in my opinion.