Back Links in Drafts

Is there official support/method for displaying backlinks in a draft? I looked through the settings panel, but couldn’t find anything.

There are no native panels or automatic insertions to do this like you might get in PKM-first tools.

Maybe the actions I referenced here will help?

In particular, the TAD-Load a Linked Draft action:

Generates an ad hoc list of back linked drafts - i.e. any draft that includes any type of draft wiki-style link (title, display title, with or without the ‘d’ identifier, or a UUID link). Drafts are displayed in last modified order along with a set of information to help you distinguish similarly or identically named drafts. Selecting a draft will load it into the editor.

I created an action a while ago that shows a prompt with all drafts that contain a [[wiki-style-link]] to the current draft:

Greg provided Examples: Cross-Linking | Drafts Directory