Automatically run actions when tags are added

Been using drafts for about a year, and it’s quickly become one of my most used ios apps. Haven’t been able to find the answer, but is there a way to trigger actions based on tags? For example, if I’m reading in safari, and share to drafts and add a tag for omnifocus, could it trigger an appropriate app?


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No, but you can have trigger an action and have it auto-assign a tag when run. See the action settings docs for details on after success settings.

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ah, bummer. thanks for responding!

Are you planning to add that option?

Hi @agiletortoise - revisiting this thread three years later, is there anyway at this point to script or automate actions?

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I am not sure what ‘script or automate’ means for you.

On iOS:

  • Running them from the Workflow App on a specific event? (yes)
  • Combining multiple actions (yes)
  • starting them with a custom keyboard key or shortcut/accelerator (yes)

Many ways to investigate …

Do you have a special use case in mind?

I think this be “Shortcuts app” rather than “Workflow app”.

Yep, I mixed it up

Shortcuts App is correct

But what you can do is make it with shortcuts, I don’t fully understand what you want to make, so sorry for not being specific

That’s exactly what @Andreas_Haberle was saying above.

You can’t tie it to in Drafts ‘events’/changes as per the original post, but depending upon the specific requirements of @someinternetguy it may be possible to do something with Shortcuts to meet those requirements. It just depends entirely on what they are.

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I want to be able to do exactly what the original poster asked for, on iOS and/or Mac. Here is the type of workflow I am after (and similar):

  1. Create a draft and tag it with #tag, or similar #task, etc.
  2. Drafts then sees said tag and, according to my wishes, runs a command like “Add to Reminders” or “Send to Evernote” etc…

The key here is automation, so I don’t have to capture the draft, then go and enter the drafts app and click on a button to take action. Drafts would do it all for me based on some tagging or command found in the text itself, :smile: that would be delightful!

All the same points still apply. There is no trigger on tag addition.

Without understanding your source for the inbound draft content, and so just taking a stab in the dark, maybe you could use a URL call to Drafts to import the draft and trigger an action which triggers other actions based on the tags applied?


Why is pressing a button so bad? Adding a tag is a more complex task. We are still sailing through the mist here.

May a automation workflow like plugging the charging plug or connecting to a nerwork help?

I would like tags to execute multiple triggers. Say a tag could change the theme, switch the keyboard and forward a draft to an email and create a follow up task. Certain work flows could add and remove tags from the actions, too. In general, it would be nice to have rules that automatically tagged drafts or ran automations as well… just like Outlook Rules or Gmail Filters or Missive Rules. Anything to help with the housekeeping of all the drafts that get created all day long.

I hope you already are a Drafts subscriber, because power functions like this will need all of Drafts features!

The suggestion to run an action on a tag sounds interesting. Your reference to Outlook rules is helpful. I do not know if Greg (@agiletortoise) would put that on the list? (there is a feature to implement list)

But we do not have this feature yet.
So I have to step one step back, that would be the process like you have in mind:

  • edit/add draft
  • open tag editor
  • enter one (ore more) tags
  • let drafts (automatically) process actions based on the tasks

My suggestion would be:

  • edit/add draft
  • open action list
  • enter one (ore more) actions
  • let drafts (automatically) process other actions based on the action and add tags

The first way works with adding tasks the second with selecting actions.

Maybe I am missing some important details from your process but I still can not see the difference in work you have to do

More input:

The Tadpole library implements a command line dialog to run actions with text entry to remove the select action step. Or you could add keyboard shortcuts to your actions. You will find more on Thought Asylum.

If you are still not convinced to the action way you might look into the flash-card action in the online action directory. It implements a tag based review process of many drafts triggered by ONE action.

I’m still not sure I understand the request.

Something which processes data needs a trigger of some sort. Email rules have a clear trigger, when an email is received it is processed. It happens once and only once per email, the email received is already known to be in its final state.

“Assigning a tag” is not a very good trigger. Lots of edge cases. What if you assign tag when you start writing a draft and the draft content is not “done”? What if you assign a tag, remove it, and assign it again? Do the automations run again? Etc.

I’m not also not sure how this differs from having actions run on drafts, which can optionally tag and file them as they do other things. And you can, certainly, write processing automations (either Drafts actions, or Shortcuts) that scan the draft list or a workspace and process all the items based on tags you have assigned, or similar.

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the flash cards action did the trick

my original post years ago (can’t believe this thread is still going!) was, if I recall, basically trying to find a workaround to automatically trigger an action via the share sheet when in another app, and tags seemed like a possible avenue for it.

Agree there are a ton of odd edge cases, and ultimately jumping back to drafts and simply using actions isn’t a burden at all.

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thinking and solving takes it’s time :grinning:

Found this thread while I was searching for a similar quick solution.

I use Drafts Pro on both iOS and MAC, usually to “brain dumb” lots of things; some to-dos, others are movies to watch, tweets copy, meetings notes…etc. Almost each type of draft have certain actions to it to do something.

The pivotal part, is that I rarely create drafts via the Drafts app - usually either Siri/shortcuts or Alfred on Mac or other tools.

Having said that, here comes the idea of “How to automate triggering actions without opening Drafts and going over each one again and selecting appropriate action”.

I guess for now the idea of a shortcut going over notes and taking actions based on ‘@do-some-action’ will be interesting and close enough.