Automatically run actions when tags are added

Been using drafts for about a year, and it’s quickly become one of my most used ios apps. Haven’t been able to find the answer, but is there a way to trigger actions based on tags? For example, if I’m reading in safari, and share to drafts and add a tag for omnifocus, could it trigger an appropriate app?


No, but you can have trigger an action and have it auto-assign a tag when run. See the action settings docs for details on after success settings.

ah, bummer. thanks for responding!

Are you planning to add that option?

Hi @agiletortoise - revisiting this thread three years later, is there anyway at this point to script or automate actions?

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I am not sure what ‘script or automate’ means for you.

On iOS:

  • Running them from the Workflow App on a specific event? (yes)
  • Combining multiple actions (yes)
  • starting them with a custom keyboard key or shortcut/accelerator (yes)

Many ways to investigate …

Do you have a special use case in mind?

I think this be “Shortcuts app” rather than “Workflow app”.

Yep, I mixed it up

Shortcuts App is correct

But what you can do is make it with shortcuts, I don’t fully understand what you want to make, so sorry for not being specific

That’s exactly what @Andreas_Haberle was saying above.

You can’t tie it to in Drafts ‘events’/changes as per the original post, but depending upon the specific requirements of @someinternetguy it may be possible to do something with Shortcuts to meet those requirements. It just depends entirely on what they are.

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I want to be able to do exactly what the original poster asked for, on iOS and/or Mac. Here is the type of workflow I am after (and similar):

  1. Create a draft and tag it with #tag, or similar #task, etc.
  2. Drafts then sees said tag and, according to my wishes, runs a command like “Add to Reminders” or “Send to Evernote” etc…

The key here is automation, so I don’t have to capture the draft, then go and enter the drafts app and click on a button to take action. Drafts would do it all for me based on some tagging or command found in the text itself, :smile: that would be delightful!

All the same points still apply. There is no trigger on tag addition.

Without understanding your source for the inbound draft content, and so just taking a stab in the dark, maybe you could use a URL call to Drafts to import the draft and trigger an action which triggers other actions based on the tags applied?


Why is pressing a button so bad? Adding a tag is a more complex task. We are still sailing through the mist here.

May a automation workflow like plugging the charging plug or connecting to a nerwork help?