Apply action to all drafts with same tag?



Is it possible to create an action that will iterate through each draft with the same tag? For instance, if I had items tagged “bear” or “dayone” to go through each one and move them, one by one, into those apps? If not within drafts itself, could it be done from the shortcuts app?


Yes, it is possible to query and loop over drafts in an action.

For your case you may just be looking for batch operations. Filter draft list by a tag, tap and hold “Select” to select all, then use Operations > Run Action.


It looks like Greg’s given a definitive reply while I’ve been composing a response and helping my son with his homework; but just in case it helps, and given I’d mostly written it already, I thought I’d post what I’d got anyway.

You could do it wih an action, but you can do it with the built-in batch operation functionality.

Choose to filter on the tag you want:

Then choose to select (press and hold to select all) whichever drafts you want.

Select Operations, then Run Action.

Then choose the action to run against each selected draft.