AppleScript action examples

I’ve put together a couple of demo actions which utilize the new AppleScript features available in Drafts 19. They are not necessarily that inspired examples, but give an idea of some of the possibilities.

Naturally, these all require you update to Drafts 19 or greater, and are running on a Mac. No AppleScript on iOS.


  • New Draft with Safari Tabs
    • Creates a new draft with a Markdown list of titles/URLs of all tabs currently open in Safari.
  • Send to BBEdit
    • Opens a new document in Barebone’s venerable editor BBEdit containing the contents of the current draft.
  • Markdown to Notes
    • Runs the current draft through Markdown to get HTML, creates a new note in Apple Notes with the resulting HTML.

These are mainly designed as examples to help get you rolling on your own AppleScript actions. Hope to see some other examples coming from you all soon!



Wasn’t part of the test, but oh my gosh, thank you for all of this! This is huge!

First of all, amazing! Cannot wait to see what people do with this.

Second… I have a similar version of the notes action for iOS that pairs with a Siri Shortcut, but it doesn’t convert the Markdown. Are you, or anyone, aware of an iOS version of this that can?