Workspace Improvements

There are a few things that I would like to see get implemented in the Workspaces feature that I feel would be beneficial:

  1. The ability to set a default action group when switching to a workspace. Would make the modular concept of Drafts that much easier.
  2. In the Notifications, allow a single workspace to be used for badge count as well as the Apple Watch complication count.
  3. A compact widget for Workspaces, so that it can be used on the home screen via 3D Touch.
  4. As was mentioned previously, having “or” functionality would be immensely beneficial to the flexibility of Workspaces.

I really like the sound of that. Ideally you would be able to specify both the default action group and the default keyboard action group.


That could be done, but if you switch just the extended row, you could leave the action group on the side as something else. Having that dichotomy might also be beneficial. Either way would be welcome.

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I agree with all of these. Good ideas.

I actually came here to suggest default action groups/keyboards for workspaces.

One of the major things that I was about to start a new thread to suggest is this. I have only a few workspaces, and one is for everything that I want out of the inbox. Whenever I come up with a new tag that’s going in there, I then back into my settings just to add it to the badge counter as well, because I want everything I see in that workspace to get counted for the badge (and vice versa, I want to see everything that is counted for the badge to be visible in one workspace).