Adding multiple tasks in a OF Project

I’m trying to figure out how to do this but I e got nothing. I’ve got a project named Shopping with another nested project named HEB. How do I go about making multiple lines in Drafts5 into multiple tasks? Gatta make that shopping list.

You can use the “paste” URL scheme to handle this. More information at Inside Omnifocus

If you create a new action with a URL step and input something along these lines it should work. This is what I’m using for my Shopping list as well.


You can replace “Shopping” with your list’s name, and if you have any spaces they need to be URL encoded as %20.

There’s a “Tasks in OmniFocus” example in the OmniFocus integration guide that uses a script to split the lines of a draft and send them each to OmniFocus as a task, as well.

You’re gonna love OF 3 once it’s out. Instead of having an HEB project nest in a shopping project, you can use a tag instead and put the action into the Shopping project, tagged HEB. No sub project. You can then create Perspectives to create HEB Shopping List, etc. I wonder if Drafts 5 can deal with OF 3 tags yet?

@JerryB the tags URL scheme for OF3 is available through the ‘tags’ parameter, which is comma separated. For example: OmniFocus:///add?name=[[title]]&defer=[[line|2]]&tags=[[tags]]

[[tags]] would be the draft tags (which are by default comma separated), but you could also do [[line|3]] and on line 3 of the draft have: errands,pharmacy,today

This would add the tags errands, pharmacy, and today to the task.

I can’t wait till that comes out.

Thanks, @joshsullivan, good to see that tags are already do-able. Tags are the best thing to ever happen to OF, I’ve been waiting a long time for it.

If youre feeling adventurous you can hop over to the OmniFocus sute and sign up for the OF 3 beta. So far, its been pretty stable for me.