Add automatic language detection for dictation

Please allow configuring 2 “favorite” languages and automatically detect which one is used during dictation.

For bilingual people, it’s very annoying to keep switching back and forth.
And sometimes switching is too distracting, e.g. in the car.

HUGE bonus points for recognizing dictation in a mixture of 2 favorite languages, e.g. when words from both languages are used in the same sentence.

You can open the custom dictation interface to specific languages via actions. There is an example action for Italian in the directory which can be easily modified for other languages. You can add these actions to a Home Screen widget to easily launch the app directly to dictation in the language of your choice.

Also, the locale selection in the dictation interface remembers your recently used locales, so they are at the top of the selection list…so should not be too painful to re-select your commonly used options.

As far as mixing languages, that would be up to Apple to implement in their dictation engine.


Sometimes we already talked about it


Creating 2 custom Siri shortcuts (per-language) is a very useful tip, thanks!