Insert dictation - Selection of language

Is it possible to delete languages that are not used in the “Insert dictation” Locale selection menu.
I just need English and German and it would be much nicer to just have those two to select from

It is not, but you can have actions configured to launch with the locale/language already set, like this example action for Italian, which can be modified of for other languages (I believe de-DE would be the locale code for German).

You can configure this action I created for exactly that usecase:

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This works for “Dictate”, but seems to not be a solution for “Insert”. When inserting dictation into a text the selection list ist still huge and I don’t know how to limit this one to German and English. Any tips for that one? Thanks.

The scripted Insert dictation action can be modified to specify language as well. Change this:

// dictate
var s = editor.dictate();


// dictate
var s = editor.dictate('de-DE'); // or 'en-US', etc.

To specify the default locale to select.

I must be doing something wrong…, is it just changing that one line
var s = editor.dictate(‘de-DE’); // or ‘en-US’, etc.
and leaving everything else as is or … (?)

I went into the Manage Actions and edited in the right column the Action “Insert dictation”, clicked on the middle column “Steps” and Script, the on Edit… and made the changes

Does that sound right?

The huge language selection is still there and I couldn’t replace it with just Germany and US-English… (???)

I guess you are using the action I sent. I removed all the languages you don’t (seem to) need. Downloaded it here: dictate multilingual DE+EN | Drafts Directory

Like you mentioned earlier this is for the dictate usecase not to insert into an open draft

Thanks very much for that tip. But it does not cover my point. I am trying to eliminate all the languages I don’t need under “Insert dictation” not under “Dictate”. The elimination does work under “Dictate”.

That is not any option at this time. Are you on iOS or Mac? On iOS the recently used languages are at the top of the list. That’s a feature I never got around to implemented on Mac, but should address the problem. I’ll make a not to revisit that.

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I’m both on iOS and macOS, but in this case my question is regarding macOS. To select just the languages you need would be a nice touch.
Thanks for considering this.