You can add drafts via Echo devices (Alexa) with IFTTT

Say something like “Alexa, add ‘this-and-that’ to the to do list” and get in Drafts. Useful in the kitchen or in the bath.

It works by using this applet from IFTTT that sends Alexa to dos to the Reminders app, which can then be imported by Drafts.


A couple of additional points.

To use this you need to enable automatic reminders import, in Drafts, on one of your devices.

You then need to ensure that the reminders list being used by the IFTTT applet also matches the reminders list you are importing from. i.e. if you use reminders for non-Drafts importing then you want to specify a particular reminders list. It will still pull in anything you add to your Echo’s todo list, but then you are keeping it separate from your other reminders - particularly your default.


I have tried using IFTTT many times in the past with Alexa todos into Drafts or Things via Reminders. Every time I have had to abandon it as IFTTT is frustratingly unreliable (the to do never arrives in Reminders).

IFTTT only checks about every hour for unpaid users, I think. So the drafts will have a certain delay, which is annoying, but at least for me they always ended up at Drafts

Thanks. That is good info to know about the free accounts