WYSIWYG Writing Mode

Is there a composition mode that accepts and displays basic NON markup formatting commands, eg cmd B makes text bold, or cmd I makes it italic?

So you’d have the editing and preview simplicity of TextEdit, say, backed by all the incredible actions and integrations of Drafts?

Drafts is focused on plain text. It does not support rich, word processor style text, and that is not likely to change. That is largely to allow the level of integration with so many different services and outputs. Plain text is the least common denominator, if you will. Rich-text introduces a lot of complexity and inconsistencies that would not fit well with the many different integrations available in Drafts.

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Yep, thank you. It was indeed rich text I was thinking of. What’s the closest thing to it, or combo of edit/preview modes, on either IOS or OSX?

One approach worth looking at is on Mac OS is to use Marked 2 to get a live display of your text as you edit. This is the approach I use, as it lets you write in Markdown and get all the advantages of document portability etc., but still have a WYSIWYG view of your content.

Even better, Marked has very powerful styling and exporting features, so you have huge flexibility in your document creation and publishing tool chain. I frequently take meeting minutes in Drafts, and publish in both HTML and PDF format (using a Keyboard Maestro script.)

Marked offers a free trial, so it’s worth taking a look. Drafts + Marked gives you a very powerful and flexible tool chain.


Thanks a bunch for that, technodad. Great solution to my issue plus a ton of cool stuff to do with Marked 2