Workspaces & tag filtering

This isn’t a feature request as much as thinking out aloud.

I tend to try to keep the number of tags I use lower than I’d probably like to use, mainly to keep the number of tags in the tags list more manageable.

I’ve been thinking a bit about how best to use Workspaces lately and have wondered whether more Workspaces might make it ‘easier’ for me to use more tags. But I think what might be necessary to make this a good approach is for the list of viewable tags to be filtered to match the tag filtering in use for each Workspace.

For example. If I have two workspaces, Home and Work, filtered to show only drafts with the following tags:


  • garden
  • house


  • meetings
  • finance

At the moment, showing the Home workspace would only show drafts tagged ‘garden’ and ‘house’, but the tag list shows would include all the other tags too.

I’m wondering whether, upon viewing a Workspace filtered by tags, if the tag list also was filtered to only show the same tags it might make dealing with a larger number of tags more practical.

Does anyone have any thought about this or other tips for managing a large number of tags?

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+1 I really would like to have Workspace view to auto filter tags to show only the tags associated with the notes from the Workspace.

For example, I have a Workspace called “Reports” This workspace is associated with about five tags that I use. However, the tags that I see include all of the tags throughout the system, which makes it difficulty to naviaged the notes in the Workspace without using tag search.