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How do I remove an item from one workspace to another. I am a new user so I appreciate your help thanks

Workspaces are not containers, but filtered views of the draft list…usually filtered by tags. Typically you would create workspaces with a filter to show only items with a particular tag, say “work” - then assigning the tag “work” to any draft would make it appear in the workspace. This screencast is a good place to start understanding Workspaces:

Also, the workspace docs.

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So the net is - assuming your workspaces are driven by tags - to remove the tag that puts the draft in Workspace A and add the tag that would put it in Workspace B.

I am a newbie to Drafts as well, but love the idea, and I have been having trouble grasping the concept of Workspaces in Drafts. Your comment about them not being containers was helpful. But that made me think…

‘Maybe the naming convention should be changed…to indicate that this is just a list or grouping of tags?’

Just a suggestion. Thanks for uncovering a great way to centralize the processing of text.


My problem is: all my tags appear under all my Workspaces.

How do clear the tags then reapply them?

When I am at the Inbox view, I click on the funnel in the upper left for filters; It opens a panel with a list of filters I have created. At the bottom is a selection for “Clear filters” but when I select it nothing happens??

For instance, I want to create a Workspace or grouping of tags for “Drafts” so can work on posts like this in Drafts before I post it.

I know I am not the first to ask this question, so please direct me to the thread that answers this question.

(Trying to think of a strategy for creating Workspaces; I imagine I can use the first tag as the name or topic of the Workspace, then use subsequent tags that relate or are tangents of the Workspace topic (as long as they are unique from other tags.)

Workspaces are more than just filters. They also have settings that affect the sort order of drafts lists and inclusion of flagged drafts. In the future it is possible they could incorporate more features.

For me I switch workspaces to reconfigure the app to match my current focus/mode of operation. As such, the term “workspace” seems ideally suited to me.

In terms of what you are seeing, I wonder if you are getting filters mixed up with Workspaces? Rather than tapping on the funnel, tap on the three dots to the right of it.

Hopefully that helps.

I think, @sylumer, you are advocating retention of the term “Workspace” - because it buys us generality.

I agree, though it is a more abstract term than I think many are comfortable with. And that’s the issue. But I wouldn’t suggest changing it.

I’m not convinced that is true. I think most people understand the physical world concept of a workspace and I think the Drafts feature is comparable in many ways to it.

What might belie any suspicion of comfort is perhaps people not being familiar with the feature. I would suspect that of those who might be initially confused, most if not all would not have reviewed the available materials and settings.

Okay, cancel my understanding of “Clear Filters.” The reason nothing was happening is because I didn’t have any filters applied… The field at the top showing Tagged Filters was empty or displayed “any”…for add any filter…So of course nothing happened.

Can anyone give a link to the basics?.. Uninformed guessing of how Drafts works, is not working out too well for me.

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The Drafts home page ( has intro videos on it. The site’s navigation lists out other functional areas and those pages include a mixture of written explanations and additional videos.

@nahumck and @RosemaryOrchard have also written up reviews on MacStories that lead you through many of the features on both iOS and Mac respectively.

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I think the applicable docs are:

And the video:

Long time lurker and Drafts user. I just wrote my first blog post and it’s about Drafts and Workspaces. Warning: It’s long and gets philosophical about tech taxonomy but I think this is a good thread to include it in.

Taxonomy and Drafts