Workspace Tab for Mac


On the iPad and iPhone app, you have the option to turn on the Workspace Tabs under the “List Options” window. This allows you to easily switch between the different Workspaces at the bottom don’t see the same option for the Mac. Am I missing something?


There is no equivalent in the release version on the Mac. Interestingly, it is being tested in the beta version right now. Not sure it adds as much utility on the Mac, but will likely be available as an option in an upcoming release.

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I also requested this (I think more than a year ago) so its a great addition for me :slight_smile: I’m already using it!"

ah ok, thanks for this. I just started using it, and thought I was going crazy

I was glad to see it added in the beta, as it’s probably the primary way I switch workspaces on iPad and iPhone. Some initial feedback:

  1. I did’t see if there were options to control display of icon and/or name as on other devices. Am I missing something, or is this not implemented?

  2. The workspace toolbar seems rather large on Mac compared to other nearby UI elements in the app, possibly due to the amount of padding around the icons or the size of the icons themselves. I’m not sure.


Thanks, @somelinguist

Generally prefer to keep beta-related discussions out of this forum, as they may or may not apply to shipping versions. No need to re-send, but, in the future, please use Slack or direct feedback (see beta page for details).

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Thanks for the reminder. : ) I had just come across this browsing the forum and forgot about posting on Slack or email, as it piqued my interest. I’ll be sure to post there about betas in the future. Thanks!

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